The Beautiful Corner

Hello friends ! We’re back with an update.

We are still in the pre-production phase of the project. This process has taken our game into a more distinct direction than the prototype. We are building a vertical slice which we will use to pitch to publishers and move Race for the Arctic into production. Today we will highlight the beautiful corner and the new direction we have taken on gameplay interactions.

🧑‍✈️ The Captain's Logbook

Our art director is focused on the development of what we call the beautiful corner — imagine this as a piece of the game that sets the benchmark for how the game will look and feel. The logbook has been the center of experimentation.

It is through the logbook that players will uncover the various Arctic journeys of our trusted captain, Noah Freight, and the truth behind his mysterious disappearance. As the first generation of the Freight Family, we decided it was important to focus on and develop out his story. As a player, you will enter the perspective of Noah’s nephew, curious to find out what happened to your uncle. You will find a logbook that sits on the ship captain’s desk with neighboring objects for the player to explore.

Slowly but surely, our logbook and the surroundings objects are starting to look and move the way we envision them to. All the objects are placed with intention that give hints to the larger story at play. The design of the logbook and map are based on real shipping logbooks with a few creative tweaks inspired by Firewatch in the form of fake brands or companies. It’s a continuous challenge for our art director to find ways to difference objects from the past that belong to Noah and the objects that are from the present and belonging to the player.

🎮 Gameplay Interactions

The logbook is a portal into Noah’s memories, ones that he recorded in his cabin. Alongside the logbook, we have also been working on the ship captain’s cabin. In the cabin you will find clues and solve puzzles that give you insight into Noah and the people he met on his adventures.

The cabin has been a challenge. Scale in particular has proven to be difficult to get right. It is important for us that the windows are big enough for the player to feel immersed in the Arctic whilst the cabin still stays true to scale. Gameplay and interactions within the environment are still under development.

As we continue to develop our vertical slice, we hope to have something for you to play test soon ! In the meantime, what do you think about Noah’s mysterious disappearance added to the storyline ? Is this new direction of puzzle and clue-finding gameplay interesting to you ?

Please share your thoughts and stay tuned for more as we cruise forward.

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